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dult Magic Shows

Adult Magic Shows

Consider having the CEO or guest of honor appear on stage is just one of the possibilities. Traditionally in a theatre setting, stage illusions can bring the feel of Las Vegas to you. Small to medium sized companies that are looking to bring something classy and different would benefit from this type of show. It could include one Stage piece for everyone and then shift into a segment of Close up walk around magic for the guests. Incorporating the company logo or theme into the close up magic performed is also an option that will create a customized look and feel. The companies guests will be entertained and is guaranteed to have them talking for quite some time. Our specialists will sit down with you and consult as to the best options that would fit the venue. We’ve all been to corporate events that were a little bit less than entertaining. Whether this was a corporate meeting, a presentation at a trade show, a shareholders meeting, or some other corporate event, all of us know of more than a few that left us feeling bored. Enter

Kids Magic Shows

Kids Magic Shows

Magician Toronto has some of the most experienced kids magicians in Canada. These kids magicians are very experienced professional performers that have been doing children’s magic shows for many years. The children’s magic shows are intimate yet interactive, where almost every magic routine involves a member of the audience. The children’s magic shows are a special treat for Birthday Parties and even Holiday Parties! There are several types of children’s magic shows that are offered. The Kids Basic Magic Show- This is an upbeat interactive children’s magic show that is guaranteed to be a laugh out loud success! It involves a lot of audience interaction, and a colourful and elaborate set up. This magic show has a few educational and safety messages that are exciting and “magical”. -Show length 30 minutes. Enter

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